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I am Riccardo Maldini. Mobile tech enthusiast, UX/UI perfectionist, quality code lover 👨🏼‍💻


More about me.


I am Riccardo Maldini. I am an MSc from the University of Cesena, in Italy. In my degree course, I've focused on data science, even if anything concerning code excites me. Mobile programming is a personal hobby that I carry on in my free time. I am a tech enthusiast, particularly interested in the latest innovations concerning the Android Ecosystem. Also, I enjoy playing guitar, even though my skills stop at campfire level 😅

What is this site?

I created this site to collect all of my projects in a single place, and to show a brief resume about me. I also included a small blog, that I use to extern some of my thoughts, or elaborate about some of my works. Hopefully, one of my projects will be the inspiration for your new idea 🧪


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Skills and expertise.


More of my credentials.

Work Experience

Data Engineer

June 2022 - Present


Design and development of the infrastructure behind the MDOTM systems, also integrating and optimizing algorithms from the R&D team.

Junior Data Analyst

August 2021 - June 2022


Data analysis and development of algorithms for the analysis of financial markets, support of the R&D team.

Game Designer

April 2019 - July 2019

Digit Srl

Full-stack development of the multiplayer game CodyColor, through the use of technologies such as RabbitMQ, AngularJS, NodeJS, MySql.

Trainee at R&D department

May 2018 - June 2018

APRA Informatica

Training internship, part of the project for the Degree Thesis.


Master's Degree

Sept. 2019 - December 2021

Master's Degree in Ingegneria e Scienze Informatiche (Software Engineering)

I finished my studies at the University of Cesena, in the course "Ingegneria e Scienze Informatiche", equivalent to Software Engineering. I closed the career with full marks with honors (110/110 e lode).

Bachelor's Degree

September 2016 - February 2019

Bachelor's Degree in Informatica Applicata (Computer Science)

I studied for three years at the University of Urbino, attending a course of study called "Informatica Applicata": it is the only one in the world, and its aim is to teach us the basics of Information Technology in a more practical way, compared to traditional courses of study. I graduated in February 2019, with full marks with honors (110/110 e lode).

High School

September 2011 - June 2015

High School Diploma in Accounting (programmer specialization)

I attended high school in Jesi (AN), Italy. The specialization of this high school aims to form the student with basic accounting knowledge. I chose a paricular specialization, specifically thought to give also a piece of basic knowledge about Computer Science. I graduated in 2015, with full marks (100/100).